Mar Narsai Malpana Assyrian Language School

*** Please download the registration form and take it with you to Foxworthy Baptist Church to register on site.

You would need to download Rules and Waiver forms, sign them and return them to the school staff on the first day of school.

Mar Narsai Malpana Assyrian Language School of Mar Yosip parish in San Jose, CA was established in 1989. The classes have been holding every Friday evening during school year from September to May. The name of Mar Narsai Maplana was officially credited to this School in 2007. This school has continued to grow, year after year, under the spiritual guidance of His Grace Mar Awa Royel, Bishop of diocese of California. We now have 12 classes with 12 teachers and over 100 students from pre-school to 5th grade for both children and adults. The classes are open to all who wish to learn reading, writing and/or speaking as well as understanding of the Assyrian Language. We welcome all students from different ages.

Our Assyrian forefathers were the first among nations who invented the alphabetical writing system and we are all proud of them. Today, it is our duty to honor our ancestors by teaching and learning our beloved Assyrian language. It is our most important responsibility to preserve and keep alive our language in order to preserve our Assyrian Identity. Since Majority of our people live in Diaspora, speaking Assyrian at home is not enough for our future generations. Today, the majority of our new generations are speaking the languages of the different countries they dwell in. In a near future, it will be a second language if we don’t continue to teach and learn it. The next generation might cease to exist if it became a stranger to our mother tongue.

The teachers of Mar Narsai Malpana Assyrian Language School are fulfilling their Assyrian National and educational duties by sharing their knowledge to keep this nation alive and prepare its future scholars i.e., teachers, writers, poets and speakers. It is our hope that other Churches and Assyrian educational institutions would establish schools in order to strength this battle front which fights to preserve our language and culture for generations to come.

We, the teachers at Mar Narsai Malpana Assyrian Language School, would like to express our sincere appreciation and respect to all students and parents for their love and respect of the Assyrian language. We all have voluntarily contributed as a team to promote this School and make it successful in its historical movement.

God Bless.

Gewargis Youssefi
Mar Narsai Malpana Assyrian Language School

Gewargis Youssefi, Mar Narsai Malpana Assyrian Language School Principal
Gewargis Youssefi, Mar Narsai Malpana Assyrian Language School Principal